'Tis the season to kiss some butt

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Right, Armond White? Good thing he's on the other side of the equation, because he might just die from the reprehensible indignant of having to be nice.

From the recent New York Critics Film Circle Award show, of which he chaired and thus hosted:

The final award was Best Picture, which went to The Social Network, another film White didn't like. He said of presenter Tony Kushner (whom he referred to simply as "Kushner"), "Surely, Kushner, whose great play, Angels in America, showed how spiritual and social connections transformed lust and envy to family, friends, and country, has a moral responsibility to explain why The Social Network is good."
The evening ended with a few hisses at his final swipe ... "I thank the circle for not awarding a single award to Greenberg"

Not that I disagree with the guy, mind you. And he is quite entertaining. It's still buttholery though. Excuse my language.

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