Oscars 2011 Nominations!

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Surprises: Nolan was overlooked for Directing, Boyle missed a directing nod, Jacki Weaver got a nomination, Mila Kunis missed her nomination, no Waiting for Superman, Inception was passed for editing, Black Swan was snubbed for Another Year in screenplay, Tron got snubbed for visual effects, Alice failed to get a Make-up nod, and what the frak is with the 4-nominees Song category?

Yay for: Michelle Williams! The Illusionist!

Word: Looks like Black Swan just got dropped out of the race, and True Grit got back on.

How we did: I did most horrible in Director, Sound Mixing, Documentary, and Foreign Film. But I got five perfect 5s, including score! Grizzly got all 10 picture nominations. And The Tempest! And The Coen Brothers! Without alternates: Me: 84/105 nominations guessed (that actually materialized - 4 songs category threw me off!) = 80%. Grizzly: 86/105 = 81.9%. With alternates: Me: 94/105 nominations guessed = 89.5%. Grizzly: (without Dark Horse!) 92/105 nominations guessed = 87.6% and (with Dark Horse, a.k.a. cheating!) 99/105 = 94.3%!!

The Social Network
The King Speech
Black Swan
The Fighter
Toy Story 3
The kids are alright
True grit
127 Hours
The Town / Winter's bone

Alt. Winter's Bone

Dammit Winter's bone!

David Fincher
Christopher Nolan / Coen Brothers
Darren Aronofsky
Danny Boyle / David O. Russell
Tom Hooper

Alt. David O. Russell

Whoa that's weird leaving Nolan out. Inception is like, REALLY directed. That has to be the biggest surprise - that Tom Hooper for KING'S SPEECH is the favoured director over Nolan. Not to mention Boyle!

Colin Firth
Jesse Eisenberg
James Franco
Jeff Bridges
Robert Duvall / Javier Bardem

Alt. Javier Bardem

Javier Bardem! I should've gone with my hunch! Gosh darn SAG!

Natalie Portman
Annette Benning
Jennifer Lawrence
Nicole Kidman
Michelle Williams

Alt. Hilary Swank

BOO YA! *hifives*

Christian Bale
Geoffrey Rush
Mark Ruffalo
John Hawkes
Andrew Garfield / Jeremy Renner

Alt. Jeremy Renner

Doh! We underestimated Jeremy Renner!

Melissa Leo
Mila Kunis / Jacki Weaver
Amy Adams
Hailee Steinfeld
Helena Bonham Carter

Alt. Jacki Weaver

Jacki Weaver!! Haven't seen that performance but Mila Kunis wasn't all that great in Black Swan so ... Jacki Weaver!

Black Swan / Another year
The Fighter
The kids are alright
The King's speech

Alt. Another year

Uh oh, Black Swan's in trouble!

The Social Network
True Grit
127 Hours
Winter's bone
Toy Story 3

Alt. The Ghost Writer

Another perfect *hifives*!

The Social Network
Inception / The Fighter
The King's speech
Black Swan
127 hours

Alt. The fighter

We didn't get this category perfectly, but I'm really surprised Inception didn't get editing. That movie is all edited! Wow I'm surprised at the number of nominations Inception got left out of.

True Grit
The Social Network
Black Swan
The King's speech

Alt. 127 Hours

Raise another hifives!

Black Swan / Harry Potter
The King's speech
True Grit
Alice in wonderland

Alt. Tron: Legacy

Didn't see that Harry!

Alice in wonderland
Black Swan / I am Love
The King's speech
True Grit
Burlesque / The Tempest

Alt. Made in Dagenham

FAIL. Oh man, why didn't I know of The Tempest? Griz, one.

The Social Network
Black Swan / Salt
True Grit
127 Hours / The King's Speech

Alt. Tron: Legacy

You disappointed me Oscars. Salt? Over 127 Hours?

True Grit
Toy Story 3
Black Swan / Tron Legacy
The Social Network / Unstoppable

Alt. Tron: Legacy

Un-friggin-stoppable. :/

Life, above all / Dogtooth
In a better world
Outside the law

Alt. Dogtooth

Gosh darn Dogtooth! And gosh darn that 'inside tip' I stole from someone about Life, above all!

Waiting for Superman / Gasland
Inside job
The Tillman story / Restrepo
Exit through the gift shop
Waste land

Alt. Client 9: The rise and fall of Eliot Spitzer

Whoa, Waiting for Superman got shafted!

Toy Story 3
How to train your dragon
The illusionist

Alt. Tangled

Yay Illusionist! Well done!

Alice in wonderland
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Tron: Legacy / Hereafter
Iron man 2

Alt. Scott Pilgrim vs the world

Haha Tron.

Alice in wonderland / The Way Back
Barney's Version
The wolfman

Alt. The Fighter

Aging came through again, but Alice got left in a hole.

The Social Network
The King's speech
127 Hours
How to train your dragon

Alt. Tron: Legacy

Perfect 5 again! In your face!

You haven't seen the last of me, Burlesque*
Coming home, Country strong
We belong together, Toy Story 3
Shine, Waiting for Superman / If I rise , 127 Hours
I see the light, Tangled

Alt. If I rise, 127 Hours

*Uh, what happened to the 5th song?

Full nomination list here.

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7 Response to Oscars 2011 Nominations!

January 25, 2011 at 9:42 AM

Someone got up early!

January 25, 2011 at 9:49 AM

I saw Animal Kingdom just the other day and it's really, really overrated. When I saw afterwards that it has 96% on Rotten Tomatoes I nearly spit my milk out.. If I'd had any milk in my mouth, that is. Overrated movie, and Weaver.. Ugh. Overrated. This category didn't need any more psycho moms.

My only consolation is that I don't have any major favourite that missed out for Supporting Actress (that had a chance, anyway) so I can live with it.. Though I haven't seen Black Swan yet.

January 25, 2011 at 10:19 AM

Barbara Hershey must be feeling very sorry for herself now. Black Swan sank! Kinda!

January 25, 2011 at 10:38 AM

You put Jacki Weaver in over Amy Adams, not Mila Kunis.. So maybe that's where you counted differently than me?

Not that it matters, I did well on some ways, you did better in others (getting 5/5 for Score is practically unheard of, it's usually so hard to predict).. And you got more alternates than me.

January 25, 2011 at 11:12 AM


Yay I'm so awesome for Score. Thanks for doing this with me!

Now I can go back to bed!


January 25, 2011 at 11:16 AM

LOL, go back to bed? It's past 8 am.. Don't you have to get up by now and do grown-up stuff? ;)

Anyway, I sent you an email. Short one.

January 25, 2011 at 1:53 PM

Grown up stuff had to wait. I got some sleeping to do. :P


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