Golden Globes 2015 Winners Predix: It's all just a Game of birds and balls

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Alright, here we go again.

My special guest, Griz, helpfully contributes (in purple) as usual. Actual winners tomorrow evening will be in red.

The imitation game
Alternate: Boyhood

It is so clear to me that The Imitation Game would be the picture to beat. It feels congratulatory good to feel bad watching this film. I'm not convinced Boyhood has enough heart string tugging or star power to win the whole deal. <--- I'll be right at the Oscars...

Alt: The Imitation Game

Alt. Into the Woods

I really want to have faith in Budapest winning, but it may be too quirky for Globes. <--- Oh ye of no faith, said I!

Alt: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Alejandro González Iñárritu - Birdman
Alt. Richard Linklater - Boyhood

I predict it'll go to the most obviously directed of the two (predicted) eventual picture winners. <--- I'm not doing too well at this, am I.

Richard Linklater - Boyhood
Alt: Alejandro González Iñárritu - Birdman

Reese Witherspoon - Wild
Alt. Julianne Moore - Still Alice

I feel like going Wild with this one. I think the Globes still likes stars, and I'm not entirely convinced Moore would take this glitter ball when someone more popular like Reese is in the race. I could be wrong, but what an upset it would be if I was right?! <--- I really shouldn't have gone wild. Though, this means Julianne Moore is definitely winning the Oscars!

Julianne Moore - Still Alice
Alt: Reese Witherspoon - Wild

Eddie Redmayne - The Theory of Everything
Alt. Benedict Cumberbatch - The Imitation Game

Spread the wealth? Spread the wealth. <--- FINALLY. I predicted something right. Jeez.

Eddie Redmayne - The Theory of Everything
Alt: Benedict Cumberbatch - The Imitation Game

Michael Keaton - Birdman
Alt. Ralph Fiennes - The Grand Budapest Hotel

Batman in his underwear, fleeing in embarrassment. It's acting! I'm rooting for Ralph Fiennnnnnes, of course. That stache is pure gold in acting.

Michael Keaton - Birdman
Alt: Ralph Fiennes - The Grand Budapest Hotel

Amy Adams - Big Eyes
Alt. Julianne Moore - Maps to the stars

I don't know why I'm predicting a double snub for Julianne - I like her! May be I'm not feeling the hype, and maybe she'd be a victim of split votes. Plus, Amy Adams. How could they not like Amy Adams?

Amy Adams - Big Eyes
Alt: Emily Blunt - Into the Woods

Patricia Arquette - Boyhood
Alt. Meryl Streep - Into the Woods

I know I'm predicting against the Streep, but Boyhood may need this thing because it's not winning anything else except Screenplay.

Patricia Arquette - Boyhood
Alt: Meryl Streep - Into the Woods

J. K. Simmons - Whiplash
Alt. Ed Norton - Birdman

This category has been predetermined - Simmons' gonna get it. Nobody here is a big enough star to upset the critical weight that Simmons carries for this film.

J.K. Simmons - Whiplash
Alt: Edward Norton - Birdman

Alt. The Imitation Game

I don't feel confident with this pick, at least not as much as I'd like. I hope the Imitation Game doesn't get it - that would be decidedly not funny.

Alt: Boyhood

Ida X Leviathan
Alt. Force Majeure

I haven't seen Ida, but judging on how it's the only sure thing on anyone's list so far, and with its subject matter, how can it miss? However, I wouldn't mind Force Majeure taking it. That movie's HILARIOUS.

Ida (Poland)
Alt: Force Majeure (Sweden)

Lego Movie X How to train your dragons 2 (?!WTH?)
Alt. Big Hero 6

Other than Lego Movie and Song of the Sea, I have no clue how the other ones stack up. The Lego Movie was such a surprise hit, I think they'd reward it. Future self: steal this same reasoning for the eventual Oscars winner prediction in this category.

The LEGO Movie
Alt: The Boxtrolls

Gone girl X The Theory of Everything
Alt: Interstellar

This is a good place to throw something like Gone Girl a bone, though Interstellar may upset (not likely, I don't think. It's so dead this award season for some reason.).

Alt: The Imitation Game

Alt. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1

Consolation prize? Plus, it's Legend.

Alt: Big Eyes

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