Thoughts on Golden Globes Nominations

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By Griz

Wow, we sure overpredicted The Butler, it didn't get a single nomination! I really thought it was just the kind of gooey crap that the Golden Globes would eat up, especially with the Weinsteins backing it. But I guess they put their muscle behind their other Oscar ponies, like Philomena and August: Osage County. August: Osage County must be quite a stinker if the Weinsteins can't even get the Golden Globes to nominate it for Best Picture.

Biggest surprise has to be Rush for Best Picture?! Noms for Julie Delpy AND Greta Gerwig were a nice surprise too! Sally Hawkins got a nom! Those seem like the only real surprises to me. Kate Winslet isn't too surprising maybe, except I really haven't heard anything at all about the movie, and it just seemed to have vanished, which is why I (foolishly) went with Adele Extrareallylonglastname instead. A bit surprising that they didn't find room for Gandolfini either, but maybe they really did split the votes between lead and supporting?

Anyway, I'm pretty pleased with the choices, even though I've barely seen any of the movies yet. But it seems like a good mix and not too much starfucking (Johnny Depp in anything) or Oscar bait (The Butler).

Editor's Note

I was most pleased with The Great Beauty getting nominated - I hope it translates to an Oscar nom as well. I was similarly surprised with the lesser number of star pandering nominations (though it's still there in some sections where there is less consensus, like the song category - hello Taylor Swift and Bono!). Most surprising was Oprah Winfrey getting left on the cutting floor. She was such a sure nom, too.

Other questions I have: where did Rush come from? Why didn't anyone vote for August: Osange County - it seems so Oscarish? How did The Wind Rises get a nomination for foreign film and not animated feature? What does this mean for Adèle Exarchopoulos' Oscars chances? Why did people vote for The Past?

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