Peter O'Toole dies

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"Do you think I'm just anybody, Ali, do you?"

It is with a heavy heart, I mourn the passing of Peter O'Toole, the man who is synonymous with Lawrence of Arabia to me. So much dignity, all that sense of self, the most piercing eyes. Without him breathing life into T. E. Lawrence, how would I have found my past kindred? This is the most significant passing of a famous person to me since 2007 (Ingmar Bergman's passing). In a strange way, it's like saying goodbye to a very, very dear friend - ElAurens has passed away the second time. *sniffles*

Of course, the onscreen ElAurens lives forever - or at least as long as forever for me. He is within me, and remains there as one of the most influential, comforting presence in my life.

R.I.P.  I'm gonna go dream of the desert now. :`(

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